Thursday, 22 November 2012

All things bright and beautiful

I have not been seen in the blogging world for quite some time now purely down to planning a house move.
I did mention that I would hold back on the shopping trips, however I have been purchasing a few things for the new house. All of these purchases are to be added to a new conservatory but at the moment we are all falling, tripping and complaining that they are all in the way. 

These mini green houses are huge and very heavy, I have been looking all over for these for some time now. As always I could not leave one without the other. The large one had a smidgen of green paint on the top I received 20% off, I feel rather cheeky saying this but if at any time you find a fault always ask them if they can discount. In fact 99% of the purchases I make end up with discount only on house hold items as usually they are dented, chipped, distressed and miss match, but isn't that what "Shabby Chic" is famous for?.    

I bought these distressed keys they are rather large and heavy I cant wait to find them a new home.

The heart shaped key is my favourite of the bunch.

Ok ok ok...... I was so unsure about buying this cherub sometimes they can look tasteful and at other times can look quite frightening. I knew I wanted to paint him so I opted for Annie sloan in Paris Grey and Old White a hint of dark wax and a good buff. I love how all of the colours blended beautifully and the effects were amazing. Now how strange is it that in the first picture he looks sad, but in the second he looks happy! he must love Annie Sloan as much as me. At the moment he is sitting pretty in the dresser but will be placed somewhere much more appropriate. Anson on the other hand is not happy with him :(. 

I am not afraid to say I feel comfort from cherubs and find them very pretty to look at I guess you have to be a cherub kind of person to actually have one in your front room "Rolls around on the floor laughing" I will use Christmas as an excuse to keep him here.

I will return soon until then god bless


  1. Hello Tracy, lovely to have you back! Hope the house business is going smoothly. Love the greenhouses they're gorgeous, and the keys. The little cherub's expression s totally different, before and after! Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Claire xxx

  2. Love the cherub - even before the makeover!

  3. Hi Tracy I am with you all the way, but with Angels more than Cherubs really, but he is ever so cute and most especially in Annie Sloan colours...
    The glass 'green houses' are very special and will look lovely lit up for Christmas time!
    Sending kind thoughts and wishing all well for you as it is a crazy, crazy time moving house, least of all at this time of year!
    Sending 'Twinkles' ****
    Love Maria x

  4. Love your purchases--the cherub is so it white!

  5. You have bought some gorgeous things, cant wait to see them in situ in the new house!


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