Thursday, 21 July 2011


Its been a while since i updated my blog and so much has happened :( I've managed to set myself up with a friend and help him bake cakes for his coffee shop. Its a small dainty little shop which is jam packed full of sweet treats for the diabetic. I made a few but the coffee cake won hands down, lately Ive been inspired by the Americans and have started baking cake pops! every time i mention that word "cake pop" people look at me like what the hell is this girl on about. I guess I'm trying to jump on the band waggon and serve the nation cake on a stick rather than a paper case. Ive become obsessed with coloured chocolate and sprinkles not to mention the edible glitter. I have advertised these on local websites and wouldn't mind making them for parties ect. For those who cant imagine what a cake pop looks like here they are.

Ta daaa

Ive become a bit more creative watch this space!

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