Saturday, 20 October 2012

Painting Metal with Annie Sloan and Alton Towers

A good friend of mine gave me this lovely heart shaped hanger he said he didn't know where to put it and it did not match with his interior, of course I took it with open arms. 

I liked its original colour and it was rusting in some places but as you all know what ever enters our home has a magical dosing of Mrs Sloan. As I searched the cupboard for "Original" a beautiful blend of cream and white I was in shock... It had all dried up. So I boiled the kettle and added a dash of hot water and gave it a good mix. Not only that I had also run out of paint brushes so I found a sponge attached to the carpet cleaning solution "Needs must in a Annie Sloan situation".

A few weeks back I picked up a bag of assorted ribbon for £1 a good few meters "lucky me".

 So I used a sponge and literately wiped over the hanging rack  with the diluted chalk paint, I did not want to achieve a solid colour as I wanted the original colour along with the rust to be seen. I attached two pieces of the vintage lace either side and made a large pretty bow.  

Instead of a chain as this didn't come with one I decided to improvise and use lace ribbon, over the top of the bows I cut two extra long pieces and tied them to the frame. I hung it up in the window but will be taking this to the new house. I have thought of various ideas in which this can be used....Dried herbs, pretty jugs, lavender and pretty jewellery.

I bought this bird cage a few weeks ago I love the colour and how its painted unfortunately I did not paint this but its pretty big in actual life. It has a candle holder fixture inside.

I can not wait to find this beauty a home.

Whilst out window shopping "as you do" I saw this heart shaped metal shelf and I could not resist, the shelves can be lifted up so you can alter the size of the shelf. 

These two items where purchased from...... wait for it.... TK Maxx.

Other exciting news we have booked a night at Alton Towers Screamfest on Monday, the three of us will be having a mini break for two days and shake off the stress of waiting for our new home. Sometimes its important to make new memories and to cherish Eason's youth we all need a bit of fun in our lives. The theme park will be Halloween themed and is open till 9pm filled with fun and frolics. Here is a video of what is to expect.

Its a good Job Eason is pretty placid.  
I am so excited.
I will be back soon that's if the Zombies have not caught me.



  1. Hi Tracey love the heart hanger it looks very pretty now its had a makeover.The heart shelf is nice too,I have a love of hearts any size,colour and material.Have a lovely time at Alton Towers.Love Jill xx

  2. Great makeover. Have a super time at Alton Towers!

  3. Love your makeovers! They will look so pretty in your new home:)

  4. TK Max! I could marry that shop. I think you and I are its biggest fans. Lately I've not let myself buy anything because I'm on an economy drive and I have so much 'stuff' I'm trying to behave myself.
    I got all panicky when you said the Annie Sloan had dried up, I have a bit left in one tin and have plans for it and am glad that the kettle thing works, I will try that if it has dried up.
    Have a smashing time at Alton Towers, mrs and a good day today.

    1. I told myself to behave a long time ago but its so cheap and once its gone its gone so no going back :( Alton Towers was fun. x

  5. TKMaxx is my favourite shop of the moment. I never come out of there empty handed and I dont spend a lot of money but they always seem to have just what I have been looking for.
    Loving your heart shelving unit and the giveaway from your friend.

    1. That is true Anne I need a part time job there really dont I! Thanks Anne x

  6. Your heart hanger's lovely, Tracy, and love your TK Maxx finds! Have a fab time at Alton Towers xx

  7. love your crafting and "busi-ness" how fun and they look lovely. Good luck with the new house, gosh moving is such an ordeal! Hope it all goes well. We have a theme park here that gets a redone for Halloween, they call it "Howl-O-Scream!" and they actually warn parents not to bring children after 6 pm! I've only been in the day light :) I'm a scary-cat. Keep away from those zombies!

    1. Thank you Marie Howl-o-Scream sounds terrifying! I was a scared cat lol. x


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