Friday, 26 October 2012

Fun at Alton Towers

Hello Lovelies as I mentioned last week I was taking a trip to Alton Towers for Scarefest. It's not my usual crafty hands on type of post but I thought I would share our little trip. The original building in the photo above is beautiful and all of its original architecture is still in tact. For those who are not familiar of Alton towers it was once a home to the Earl family, they had spent a fortune on the grounds and building. They added a huge conservatory and built their very own chapel. Money ran out and they could not afford to make repairs or for the upkeep of this property. It is now a theme park but most of the beauty is still here including the gardens and the Tower itself. 

Alton Towers all decked out for Halloween.

As we walked around the grounds of Alton Towers there was always ghostly and haunting props like this one.

A good friend of ours came for the ride and spent the day with us, here is Phil and I on the river rapids. For me this is the sort of ride that does not leave me feeling like a bag of nerves.

We was called all sorts of names for wearing cagoules! who cares I didn't want to walk around with wet pants all day "needs must".

Still in our cagoules we headed for the bath tub as you can see I was holding on for dear life.

I took Eason on his first ever theme park ride it was called "The Squirrel" as you can tell by his tiny little face he did not look too impressed.

All wrapped up for Halloween.

We stayed at the Alton Towers hotel for the evening so we could take advantage of Alton Towers late opening. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of doing the Scarefest next year. It only cost £99 for two adults and a child which included the hotel, evening meal for Eason, Breakfast and 3 tickets to the theme park!! Bargain. We will definitely go again next year.

This is me looking rather frightful on the way to the park.

Eason spent most of the day and night looking like this... bless him he was so overwhelmed by it all. Anson on the other hand looks shattered ha ha.

So I decided that I had to go on some kind of tour around the Tower and went on what was ideal for the whole family a ride called "The Hex" typical me was taking photo's of the prop's as I walked through the hallway. Obviously these are not the original pieces of furniture that the Earl family owned, everything was laid out so spooky. As I walked through the building I kind of liked the eerie feel to this part of the tower, If I had my sleeping bag I could of quite happily stayed there over night. We stood in the original chapel, the wind was blowing the curtains through the broken stain glass windows it was amazing. It is known to be haunted so it added to the whole experience.

Some lovely pieces of furniture waiting to be chalk painted.

After we left the this room we was then asked to sit on some benches, and that is where I nearly died. The benches started to swing and the next thing I knew I was holding onto some random guy who I have never met! my head was in-between his right armpit. The guy was freaking out because he thought Phil was my other half and he did not want to be involved in a domestic. As we was close to the ceiling I actually thought I was going to die of a heart attack the guy kept saying "we are upside down now" I hate anything that moves. Below is a video of the ride I could not explain it in full as in fact we was sitting in a tube which looked like a chapel when in fact we did swing but the whole room and ceiling spins at the same time. It has to be the most mind boggling thing I have ever experienced.

So on our last day I plucked up the courage to go into the Towers for what they call "The Terror Towers" experience we waited for half an hour as the minutes were ticking by I heard more and more stories of what we was going to expect, long corridors small enough to fit one person width ways for 4 minuets, hanging body bags the list goes on. This is supposed to be the scariest maze at Alton Towers, as we entered the tower I walked up some steps it was pitch black, the lady informed us to all stand in a single line and put our hands on top of the person in front. The door slams and the sound effects start.........I then had a talk to myself and thought if I don't run now I am going to collapse. So I ran I don't know how I got the door open or run down the stairs but I did everybody was watching me thinking the same. I heard one person say is she mad? Yes my mind plays too many tricks on me and I over think things. I have to laugh at myself because this was the whole point of going in the first place. Maybe next year after a stiff splash of Amaretto. All in all we had a brilliant time and can not wait till we go away again.



  1. Looks like so much fun! Great pictures:)

  2. Looks as if you had a great time there Tracy.
    I saw a who do you think you are programme a few weeks ago (but cant remember who it was!) and their ancestor had a catering business there at the house. It was very grand and fascinating. Come to think of it it might have been Bill Roach (ken barlow of corrie).

  3. Hello Tracy

    Oh dear no way would I go on that Hex thingy!!! (seen the video)You are a braver girl than me :-)
    I must say I did giggle a bit when reading your description of that event...its my fertile imagination working over time again...certainly could have provoked a domestic ha! Ha!
    Sounds as if you've had a great time and that's the main thing!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. Oh I love Alton Towers, haven't been there for about 20 years though! I'd love all the rides or rather I did love them - I seem to be more scared and more queasy as I get older lol! I loved reading about Hallowe'en there, it does look fun.


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