Thursday, 6 December 2012

Romantic trim curtain and the dreaded dressing table

What better way to start with a beautiful picture. So I have searched the whole web looking for a effortless but pretty romantic style white curtain, when I say searched I have spent countless of days sifting through google images and nothing. I did have my eye on a frill curtain from Target but unfortunately here in the UK we can not purchase from most American stores on line. So as always my brain is always ticking and decided to make a set of curtains myself.

I came across this flat sheet with a crocheted trim I instantly knew what I was going to do with it, my friend who was shopping with me was a little puzzled and I assured her everything will go to plan. I opted for a super king size sheet as a girl can never have too much ruffle. I picked up a pair of curtains from Ikea £10 sheer white but strong enough to keep their shape. I took out the flat sheet and cut straight up the middle, I added wonder web and ironed a nice neat hem on the cut edges.

Whilst in Ikea I picked up two packs of curtain clips for £4 I neatly attached the hemmed sheet to the Ikea curtain and luckily it was the exact size to match up width ways. Once lined up I carefully clipped the two curtains together to form one solid curtain. Once I am happy with the desired amount of gather I will wonder web the two curtains together on each side. As we are moving I decided to leave them as I wont know the exact size of the next window. I bought two trimmed sheets so I will be definitely be making another set of curtains.   

I am so pleased with the way they turned out they are so unique and nobody has the same pair of curtains.

Although they will need a good iron I feel they will hold up well and washing them wont be a problem either.

If you fancy making these curtains get your self to Home sense fast these are retailed at £55 per sheet I grabbed these at £19.99 "Bargain".

So in my last post I made over a Louis style dressing table, this was sold quicker than it took me to paint it. I have had endless calls asking if it is still for sale. I believe I came across a rare bargain and I was straight down to my local junk shop in search for another. Unfortunately nothing so I came home with this dressing table instead. Its not as pretty as the last but at £45 I could do wonders with it. I attacked it with the paint brush and to my surprise..........

What the ............

I shouted into the kitchen "ANSON.... WOODWORM ATTACK" Jesus I have never come across woodworm in all my experience of old furniture renovation. My heart sunk I added heavy thick layers of Annie sloan and it worked but I just was not happy in selling something on in this condition. I opened the drawers and they were full of dead Beatles. I was itching and scratching and had to get it out of the house fast!. I called the furniture shop up the next day and he insisted I sell it on with wood worm but this was not good enough as he did not tell me prior to purchasing and I could not see the holes when I bought it. He said if I removed the paint I could have a refund. So I confidently assured him Annie Sloan could be removed easily with water and sponge. Anson handed me a degreaser spray in which he uses at work to remove heavy residue. It took it off in one clean sweep, not only the paint but the varnish too. I was in panic mode as they arrived to collect it, they would not give me a refund and took the dressing table back to the warehouse. As we drove by later that day he had it on show at the front of the shop for sale. Gutted to say the least but who is going to buy this?. I have been given a credit note but do not feel hopeful in buying anything without the owner doubling everything. So this is a lesson learnt and in future folks please check for wood worm. I had visions of falling through my floor boards on the way down the stairs the next morning haha. Have any of you had any experiences with wood worm and do any of you mind it? Let me know below.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

Paris Grey and Old Little White

Hello Everyone so I have been a busy girl again this week and managed to bag a bargain at the local junk shop. As always heading past my favourite junk shop on a late Saturday evening and asking Anson to slam on the breaks. I swear they put these things out just for me. They all have a name for me down at this shop "The delectable Tracy" I spend no time tarnishing furniture once I see it there is no negotiating "Its mine". They are usually pretty good at delivering its at my door within minuets as I only live down the road. 

So here is my latest project a Louis style dressing table complete with a three way standing mirror isn't she pretty.

She smelt rather old and was soaking wet as it had been raining heavy here in Manchester. I think this piece of furniture had come straight from a house clearance as the ladies items were still inside the drawer. I felt rather emotional sifting through her belongings. A pair of earrings a little draw string bag of old lavender and a few ornaments. This time around I could really feel the connection if you know what I mean.     

So within minuets of the dressing table being lobbed into the workshop "Kitchen" I attacked her with two chalk paints by Annie Sloan "Paris Grey" and "Old White". I could not decide what to do with it. First it was painted all "Old White" then the embellishments "Paris Grey" then I decided I wanted it to be a statement and have block colours. So I painted it grey then white then part grey ect. It has about 15 layers of chalk paint on this. After numerous amounts of sanding I settled for grey sides and a grey drawer with white establishments.

I literately had to hand paint all of the embellishments with a fine paint brush and also the outer edges and alongside the base. This took some time but I popped in my headphones and played some relaxing music. This for me is my favourite part about painting is the relaxation, no children or TV just me and the paint brush.

She sat all pretty in my front room overcrowded by toys ect and I would sit and think should it have been white? I hate deciding and Anson was not too keen on the chosen colours but I went with my gut feeling.

That evening I had stuck it on gumtree, Anson had bought me this as a early Christmas present bless him it was a bargain £55 but there is always something not quite right about painting something for myself. I can sit a pick errors with my finished pieces, I think it is more the thrill of transforming that gives me the satisfaction.

This was the finished result.

So within a few days she was sold and I am so pleased as someone will be getting a beautiful piece of furniture for Christmas. I sold this piece for £125 so I will be treating myself to a even bigger Christmas present this year.

I just want to let you all know that I will be drawing my give-away this week! I have not forgotten I hope you are all well and getting ready for Christmas.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

All things bright and beautiful

I have not been seen in the blogging world for quite some time now purely down to planning a house move.
I did mention that I would hold back on the shopping trips, however I have been purchasing a few things for the new house. All of these purchases are to be added to a new conservatory but at the moment we are all falling, tripping and complaining that they are all in the way. 

These mini green houses are huge and very heavy, I have been looking all over for these for some time now. As always I could not leave one without the other. The large one had a smidgen of green paint on the top I received 20% off, I feel rather cheeky saying this but if at any time you find a fault always ask them if they can discount. In fact 99% of the purchases I make end up with discount only on house hold items as usually they are dented, chipped, distressed and miss match, but isn't that what "Shabby Chic" is famous for?.    

I bought these distressed keys they are rather large and heavy I cant wait to find them a new home.

The heart shaped key is my favourite of the bunch.

Ok ok ok...... I was so unsure about buying this cherub sometimes they can look tasteful and at other times can look quite frightening. I knew I wanted to paint him so I opted for Annie sloan in Paris Grey and Old White a hint of dark wax and a good buff. I love how all of the colours blended beautifully and the effects were amazing. Now how strange is it that in the first picture he looks sad, but in the second he looks happy! he must love Annie Sloan as much as me. At the moment he is sitting pretty in the dresser but will be placed somewhere much more appropriate. Anson on the other hand is not happy with him :(. 

I am not afraid to say I feel comfort from cherubs and find them very pretty to look at I guess you have to be a cherub kind of person to actually have one in your front room "Rolls around on the floor laughing" I will use Christmas as an excuse to keep him here.

I will return soon until then god bless

Friday, 9 November 2012

Blog Giveaway!

So as promised I did mention a while back that once I hit 60 followers I would hold a blog giveaway. What once started as a personal journal of make do and mends I did not know how much interest I would get and did not really intend on people finding me. To be honest I didn't realise that there was a network of people out there who was on the same wave length as me that shared the same interests. Well I was wrong and not only have I learnt so much from other bloggers and my followers I have enjoyed reading all of your personal posts too. So I guess in a way this is a little something personalised to say thank you for all of your kind comments and interest over the past two years. A friend of mine has started making these lovely personalised plaques and sells them in Whitby and Scarborough. I asked her if she could make one personalised to the winner and have decided to pick two lovely followers. She has heart shaped and rectangle plaques all customised with coloured gingham ribbon. This would be such a lovely gift for Christmas if you chose to pass it on, either way good luck.

The Wood Mouse Plaques

All I ask of you is that you are a follower on my blog and you leave a comment on this post stating you would like to participate in this give away. *ALSO PLEASE ADD YOUR PERSONAL QUOTE OR MESSAGE IN WHICH WILL BE ADDED TO THE PLAQUE, THIS CAN INCLUDE NAMES*

Give away ends on the 9th December 2012.

If you are not a follower on my blog you can join by clicking the follow button. I would also be over the moon if you shared a link on your blog. Thanks again for all of your support and good luck!


P.S I am now dragging myself back to the kitchen to work on painting a child's stool "the paint brush is back out" 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fun at Alton Towers

Hello Lovelies as I mentioned last week I was taking a trip to Alton Towers for Scarefest. It's not my usual crafty hands on type of post but I thought I would share our little trip. The original building in the photo above is beautiful and all of its original architecture is still in tact. For those who are not familiar of Alton towers it was once a home to the Earl family, they had spent a fortune on the grounds and building. They added a huge conservatory and built their very own chapel. Money ran out and they could not afford to make repairs or for the upkeep of this property. It is now a theme park but most of the beauty is still here including the gardens and the Tower itself. 

Alton Towers all decked out for Halloween.

As we walked around the grounds of Alton Towers there was always ghostly and haunting props like this one.

A good friend of ours came for the ride and spent the day with us, here is Phil and I on the river rapids. For me this is the sort of ride that does not leave me feeling like a bag of nerves.

We was called all sorts of names for wearing cagoules! who cares I didn't want to walk around with wet pants all day "needs must".

Still in our cagoules we headed for the bath tub as you can see I was holding on for dear life.

I took Eason on his first ever theme park ride it was called "The Squirrel" as you can tell by his tiny little face he did not look too impressed.

All wrapped up for Halloween.

We stayed at the Alton Towers hotel for the evening so we could take advantage of Alton Towers late opening. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking of doing the Scarefest next year. It only cost £99 for two adults and a child which included the hotel, evening meal for Eason, Breakfast and 3 tickets to the theme park!! Bargain. We will definitely go again next year.

This is me looking rather frightful on the way to the park.

Eason spent most of the day and night looking like this... bless him he was so overwhelmed by it all. Anson on the other hand looks shattered ha ha.

So I decided that I had to go on some kind of tour around the Tower and went on what was ideal for the whole family a ride called "The Hex" typical me was taking photo's of the prop's as I walked through the hallway. Obviously these are not the original pieces of furniture that the Earl family owned, everything was laid out so spooky. As I walked through the building I kind of liked the eerie feel to this part of the tower, If I had my sleeping bag I could of quite happily stayed there over night. We stood in the original chapel, the wind was blowing the curtains through the broken stain glass windows it was amazing. It is known to be haunted so it added to the whole experience.

Some lovely pieces of furniture waiting to be chalk painted.

After we left the this room we was then asked to sit on some benches, and that is where I nearly died. The benches started to swing and the next thing I knew I was holding onto some random guy who I have never met! my head was in-between his right armpit. The guy was freaking out because he thought Phil was my other half and he did not want to be involved in a domestic. As we was close to the ceiling I actually thought I was going to die of a heart attack the guy kept saying "we are upside down now" I hate anything that moves. Below is a video of the ride I could not explain it in full as in fact we was sitting in a tube which looked like a chapel when in fact we did swing but the whole room and ceiling spins at the same time. It has to be the most mind boggling thing I have ever experienced.

So on our last day I plucked up the courage to go into the Towers for what they call "The Terror Towers" experience we waited for half an hour as the minutes were ticking by I heard more and more stories of what we was going to expect, long corridors small enough to fit one person width ways for 4 minuets, hanging body bags the list goes on. This is supposed to be the scariest maze at Alton Towers, as we entered the tower I walked up some steps it was pitch black, the lady informed us to all stand in a single line and put our hands on top of the person in front. The door slams and the sound effects start.........I then had a talk to myself and thought if I don't run now I am going to collapse. So I ran I don't know how I got the door open or run down the stairs but I did everybody was watching me thinking the same. I heard one person say is she mad? Yes my mind plays too many tricks on me and I over think things. I have to laugh at myself because this was the whole point of going in the first place. Maybe next year after a stiff splash of Amaretto. All in all we had a brilliant time and can not wait till we go away again.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Painting Metal with Annie Sloan and Alton Towers

A good friend of mine gave me this lovely heart shaped hanger he said he didn't know where to put it and it did not match with his interior, of course I took it with open arms. 

I liked its original colour and it was rusting in some places but as you all know what ever enters our home has a magical dosing of Mrs Sloan. As I searched the cupboard for "Original" a beautiful blend of cream and white I was in shock... It had all dried up. So I boiled the kettle and added a dash of hot water and gave it a good mix. Not only that I had also run out of paint brushes so I found a sponge attached to the carpet cleaning solution "Needs must in a Annie Sloan situation".

A few weeks back I picked up a bag of assorted ribbon for £1 a good few meters "lucky me".

 So I used a sponge and literately wiped over the hanging rack  with the diluted chalk paint, I did not want to achieve a solid colour as I wanted the original colour along with the rust to be seen. I attached two pieces of the vintage lace either side and made a large pretty bow.  

Instead of a chain as this didn't come with one I decided to improvise and use lace ribbon, over the top of the bows I cut two extra long pieces and tied them to the frame. I hung it up in the window but will be taking this to the new house. I have thought of various ideas in which this can be used....Dried herbs, pretty jugs, lavender and pretty jewellery.

I bought this bird cage a few weeks ago I love the colour and how its painted unfortunately I did not paint this but its pretty big in actual life. It has a candle holder fixture inside.

I can not wait to find this beauty a home.

Whilst out window shopping "as you do" I saw this heart shaped metal shelf and I could not resist, the shelves can be lifted up so you can alter the size of the shelf. 

These two items where purchased from...... wait for it.... TK Maxx.

Other exciting news we have booked a night at Alton Towers Screamfest on Monday, the three of us will be having a mini break for two days and shake off the stress of waiting for our new home. Sometimes its important to make new memories and to cherish Eason's youth we all need a bit of fun in our lives. The theme park will be Halloween themed and is open till 9pm filled with fun and frolics. Here is a video of what is to expect.

Its a good Job Eason is pretty placid.  
I am so excited.
I will be back soon that's if the Zombies have not caught me.