Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Luxe Pour La Maison

Bonjour tout le monde!

I want to introduce you all to my new Luxe Pour La Maison baskets. How fabulous are these.. I only intended on buying one but could not decide on which size. So I bought two and promised myself  to make a choice and return the other, but now they are home I can not return them as one is full of washing and the other I decided to use as toy storage. They would be perfect to store shoes, logs, towels, bedding, junk and anything you can get your hands on worth hiding. 

I also have the matching towels to this collection but have not yet used them. I am sure once we move and I claim back my Victorian style bathroom they will be used.

Le Bain Extra Large Basket - £16.99
Le Bain Large Basket - £12.99
Both purchased from Home Sense

Bargain I say!!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Linen cabinet completion and a few pots and pans

Just updating you all on the completion of the linen cabinet which is now the kitchen display cabinet.
It did not take long to complete but because we are not emptying cupboards for the new kitchen there is junk everywhere, last night I was on a mission and threw everything that had not been used in a year in the bin for example Toasty machines who uses them any more? I managed to take photos of the cabinet in the process. 

All taped up and ready for the Original chalk paint.

Looking rather fresh and very bog standard.

I applied Antoinette Annie Sloan Chalk Paint over the top of the Original on the doors and the drawer.

When I use Annie Sloan paint I have to admit I don't use expensive brushes I agree that its much quicker to use her own brushes as they are large and cover areas much quicker but I think its all in the sanding in which you get the perfect finish. 

I wanted the Original to show through along with the grey so I lightly sanded it with sand paper in small pieces. Once I have sanded down to get that smooth finish I then apply the clear wax with a hollow fibre cloth!!! yes a cloth no brushes just a cheap cream hollow fibre cloth. Its quick, cheap and you use less wax on the furniture and plus you do not get any hairs or fibres left of the finished product. It was just a trial that I tried out and it worked perfect for me. 

I was out shopping on Friday and came across these pans in Tk Maxx they are the perfect enamel pans the two coloured are Riess Milk pans in soft green and blue. There is a pink pan to match and I have yet to find it, this drives me mad when shopping in TK Maxx its a case of pot luck!!! They retail at £60 online for the 3 "Mouth wide open" I only paid £9.99. The Gravy pan is a lovely distressed cream colour and looks great in my new cabinet, this was also a Tk Maxx buy at £4.99 Bargain!!!!.

Milk Pans in yummy pastels.

My new take on a fruit bowl Cake Stand.

Capture this lovely picture of Eason having a nice lie in on the bank holiday morning! crumbs!!

I thought I would leave you with a nice little memory taking you back to the 1980's 

Have a lovely weekend and hello to my new followers.
Tracy x