Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paper Napkins!

So a while back i showed my dressing table that i managed to save from the tip!

I spray painted it white and it looks bare.
Then Eason came along and the house is full of toys and at the moment it is guarded by a very large coffee table, he has a baby walker and destroys everything in sight at the moment i am sticking cushions in front of everything. So anyway a friend left a link on my facebook to a dresser which was on sale on Ebay! it was Cath Kidston style and stunning! it was going at £90 and looked popular as everyone was bidding like crazy.
I looked into it and decided to make something myself. She used paper napkins! at £3.50 you cant go wrong. I picked up a few packs and styles and i tried it out on these drawers.

I cant stop looking at them!
I think in the next few weeks my whole house is going to be Cath Kidston, i just love this and in time it will look better worn down by Eason's dirty fingers.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shopping with Jess

I have 3 close friends who i love to go shopping with they are all a bad influence on me but we cant help loving pretty things! So the other day we decided to hit the retail park in Manchester and found some bargains as usual. Jess picked up some cute love heart jars and myself a vase in the sale £8 i couldn't miss this beautiful vase staring at me. It was a toss up between a jar of fluff or this vase.

Jess even bought me the flowers :)

Amongst all this i also bought some solar panel lights for the garden i will update you on that once completed.

More cups and saucers

You would of thought i had enough of these bloody things but no I'm a sucker for cups and saucers. I saw an advert a few months back hiring out vintage cups and saucers for tea parties i was envious of all the matching teapots and china tea sets they had to offer. There is something about miss match crockery pretty floral patterns and chintzy designs. One day i will get my tea set out and drink earl grey all day with my little pinkie in the air. Anyway we went for a walk around prestwich yesterday and founds lots of little charity shops as i always do i headed for the china section and picked up these sweet sets.

I picked up these for £8 i liked the detail on the matching plates, cant wait to use these at my son's first birthday. Charity shopping can become really addictive Ive always liked somebody Else's junk.
After a cup of tea and a slice of flapjack in one of the most weirdest tea rooms in prestwich i picked up this mirror from a quirky interior design place.

I bought this for my new dressing table lets hope its big enough.


Its been a while since i updated my blog and so much has happened :( I've managed to set myself up with a friend and help him bake cakes for his coffee shop. Its a small dainty little shop which is jam packed full of sweet treats for the diabetic. I made a few but the coffee cake won hands down, lately Ive been inspired by the Americans and have started baking cake pops! every time i mention that word "cake pop" people look at me like what the hell is this girl on about. I guess I'm trying to jump on the band waggon and serve the nation cake on a stick rather than a paper case. Ive become obsessed with coloured chocolate and sprinkles not to mention the edible glitter. I have advertised these on local websites and wouldn't mind making them for parties ect. For those who cant imagine what a cake pop looks like here they are.

Ta daaa

Ive become a bit more creative watch this space!