Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paper Napkins!

So a while back i showed my dressing table that i managed to save from the tip!

I spray painted it white and it looks bare.
Then Eason came along and the house is full of toys and at the moment it is guarded by a very large coffee table, he has a baby walker and destroys everything in sight at the moment i am sticking cushions in front of everything. So anyway a friend left a link on my facebook to a dresser which was on sale on Ebay! it was Cath Kidston style and stunning! it was going at £90 and looked popular as everyone was bidding like crazy.
I looked into it and decided to make something myself. She used paper napkins! at £3.50 you cant go wrong. I picked up a few packs and styles and i tried it out on these drawers.

I cant stop looking at them!
I think in the next few weeks my whole house is going to be Cath Kidston, i just love this and in time it will look better worn down by Eason's dirty fingers.

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