Sunday, 14 August 2011

The power of a flower

In the past few weeks I've just gone completely mad on flowers and i just know one of these days i am going to get sick of it. Rosali Ikea bought out bedding last year! i had to have 2 duvet covers. This Year they have bought out the curtains so i had to have it. I had some left over curtain material so i decided to cover my stool. Then i covered the dressing table in Cath kidston paper Jesus how does my man put up with me? im just addicted right now. I love waking up to a pretty bedroom in the heart of a dirty city. Feeling country chic with a shabby twist i took a picture of before and after.


Not bad to say this was my first time with a staple gun! my friend told me to wear safety goggles i could only find a pair of sunglasses.

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