Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Busy bee

I have been so busy this year that i negelected this blog but i am back now feeling inspired and i have lots to talk about. Last year i was buying lots of secound hand furntiure putting my mark on it and then selling it. I hate parting with all the bits that i purchase but its purely a hobby and i have no room to store what my partner calls "Junk" sometimes i hardly even need to work on these pieces just a sand down will do.

This table was purchased from my local charity shop they only stock furniture and have a huge turnover so they have to keep their stock at low prices, I managed to buy this table for £6 i couldnt get it out of the shop quick enough. The only problem with this table was the hinge! it was bent! a hinge costs £2 they might aswell of given it away at that price. So i sanded the top down and left the legs as they had a shabby chic style to them. Whilst out shopping i had seen the exact same style of table in Marks & Spencers home department priced at £200. So i popped this table on Gumtree and sold it for £50 its amazing what people will buy and think they caught a bargain. Most people dont see the pottential in "Junk" maybe because they dont enjoy the restoration or dont know where to start or like me just dont have to space for storage.

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