Friday, 24 February 2012

Junky Dresser

I came across this display cabinet on the local selling site this week, i had to have it as it was only £30 and i saw so much potential in this character. The way it is carved reminded me of the big dresser that i have, although this one is dark wood i am still thinking of colours to paint it for some reason "pink" is screaming at me. I am getting a bit bored of of the cream so i will have to take a trip to Farrow & Ball. I will keep you updated on this exciting project. Also i wouldn't mind getting my hands on some antique effects paint just to keep some character in this beauty. I am always surprised why people just throw away furniture at stupid prices maybe its just me is it really just junk or do i appreciate once loved pieces of furniture.

There was a nice carved door which fell off and crushed my hand in transition this will be put back on once completed.

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