Friday, 24 February 2012

Council Office Grey

We have been meaning to decorate the front room for a long time as the paper was peeling and it was looking rather tired. I spent months of research looking for the right wallpaper but never came across anything worth buying i had noticed with the last design too many people had the same wallpaper and i like to have something different. With wallpaper i feel it ages too quick i quite like the bird in the bush but in my opinion too expensive when you have a little one using the wall as a ladder. I spent a lot of time choosing the right colour and in the end just decided i wanted a Beige/Grey/Blue i did a quick dash to F&B and chose Cornforth White.

It looks darker in real life but has a nice relaxing feel to it. My other half thinks its more of a council office block colour, he had me in stitches. I want to pair this room with layered curtains and possible a hint of pink but he cant see it. Everyone knows that pink goes with grey and i will convince him when i just put them up anyway. Last week i made a white ruffle valance for the window i am not sure if its a bit over the top but it takes the edge off the council office that's for sure.

I cant wait to rearrange the front room and add the huge mirror that has been kicking about in my bedroom for some time. Will update with pictures soon.

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