Saturday, 14 July 2012

Think Pink!

You may of noticed that I have had a revamp on my blog I have decided to keep it bright, basic and a bit less floral I guess its good to have a change, I will be adding more more bits as the days go on. On to other news I took my paintbrush to Eason's toy box well I say toy box it was a old laundry basket I tried to stay away from the plastic bright boxes and opted for something that didn't look out of character in my front room. I mixed the two chalk paints that I previously used on my chandelier. 

I managed to take a picture of it before I went wild with the paintbrush.

It was all painted and dry within 30 minuets.
So my partner wired up the chandelier whilst I was asleep this morning and it worked...

I was so pleased here are few pictures of it in action.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. x


  1. That is so pretty tracy! Ive been showing my students here the mirror you gave me and they're all like its beautiful! Bargain of a chandelier you have there, i bet the paint cost more than the light itself! haha missing you all very much xxx

  2. Well the blog looks great! I missed the pickle you were in while at my shop apparently. lol. So the basket in pink is perfect as is the working light. Bravo.


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