Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Something old something new

Charity shops...
there seems to be one situated on every street and I just love them. I have found so many treasures in these shops and have built up quite a collection of what some people might refer to it as old fashioned, Flora Bundy, Residential Home items, junk and so much more. Who cares as long as I enjoy looking at pre loved items and spent a small fortune on them I came out on top. 

 I emptied out the display cabinet and gave it all a little summer clean, I dread doing this as i feel one day the
whole cabinet is going to collapse on me. I just don't know when to stop! so this week I picked up another glass cake stand with dome and a condiments tray all for £14 I just need to find a occasion to put all of these to good use.

Here are all of my glass cake stands! I really do have an obsession with these I just cant stop buying them.
One day I always say to myself that I will open up a tea room and have them filled with cakes and treats, I just need to keep dreaming. To be fair it was either going to be cake stands or shoes and I chose these.

This is the latest of the bunch

These are all charity shops finds, I am not sure if they are real silver ware but they sure have a lot of history.
One day I will use these I am not sure when but I am sure they will be a occasion.

I placed two frilled pillow cases on each shelf just to protect the wood and also to add character, she really is my pride and joy. And to say we have a 18 month old kicking a ball around and other items I live on my nerves In this room.

All stacked up neatly until another friend comes along.

Here is the dressing cabinet in it's glory

I created this lamp shade a few months ago I dug it back out of the cupboard isn't fancy, I covered a old small lamp shade in ribbon and lace I love how It is so feminine but so unique.  

Hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. Ooooh Tracy your cabinet is gorgeous! and i really love your collection of cake stands,i have a real soft spot for them too,best not invite me over i might bring a large bag ;)
    Can you imagine if you open a tea room? i bet it would be the prettiest one ever and everyone would want to have tea there,keep your dreams close to your heart as you never know what's round the corner x

    1. You are welcome to visit any time! you would have a field day trying to fit all of these into a bag. And yes you are right one day maybe just one day I will be able to fulfil this dream, the only problem being is I would be sat in a arm chair drinking tea and eating cake all day. Thank you for your kind words. x


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