Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vintage pretty

On a Monday we usually hit the shops and spend the day visiting different parts of Manchester we have lived here seven years and still have not managed to explore the little areas linked to the city. I wondered into my usual spot Tk Maxx and scanned the shelves I swear I must know all of the stock that they have in all stores I need to get a job in one of the stores but that could be seriously dangerous. I picked up some vintage themed fairy cases I put them in my basket and took them back out then in again I couldn't resist I am sure I will use them at some point.

How cute.

I headed to the glass wear section and spotted these! you all know my weakness for glass domes, cake stands and anything to do with cake.....

I saw two ladies walking past them and commenting on how lovely they were I picked one up noticed they were £4.99 each then swooped the other one and placed them in my basket "nobody was having them" I get very possessive in these shops, like a child who wants all of the toys not just one. I think it all started when I once found a whole table of Cath Kidston plates and bowls ect for £1.99 a large group of  ladies saw me pile a few into my trolley next thing you know they had completely cleared the whole table of everything so I started to panic and just threw random things in like jugs and teapots just in case I wanted them, when clearly I didn't. The funny thing about this was I left all of the items I didn't want close to the till and low and behold they grabbed them all. So this is my excuse for spoilt obsessive behaviour. 

I need to start looking at a larger display cabinet because every week I just push it that little bit further.
Hope I didn't bore you with more cake related items. 


  1. I love your treasures Tracy,
    £4.99?? wow they are beautiful and the cup cake cases are oh so sweet!....so true and funny what you have said about other shoppers it is dangerous in Tk maxx to look like you can put something together and if you do get ready for the swoop!!!
    The brick wall i painted was using Laura Ashley paints,my Annie Sloan had not arrived and it's a good job or it might have been Antoinette lol x

    1. Yes £4.99 bargain and they are so unique I would love to know where they pick all there stock up from. You have an idea in your head what you are looking for its just a case of hoping and waiting for it to be there. Your kitchen is looking amazing I really like what you have done with the tiles it adds a little character. We really need to venture out with different colours. x

  2. I miss TK Maxx so much. I would be exactly the same as you. Get them in the trolley and let noone near! I have the same little dolly cupcake cases. The cakes stands are gorgeous.
    Your pink light looks amazing. You did it so quickly, you have a talent for these things!
    Your house is like a treasure trove, love it!

    1. Tracey do you live far from a Tk Maxx? I must be so lucky I have about 6 around me maybe more. I realised after looking at your page you purchased your's from ebay I was lucky to find them I would of preferred cup cake cases but you cant have everything. Thanks for the comments Tracey it is a bit full of treasures. xx

  3. I live in the Czech Republic, so very very far. Our closest one is Germany but I was there all the time when I lived in the UK. I did get them from ebay. I have seen a little cup with the same doll design on it.
    You jave gorgeous treasures. x

    1. Oh Tracy I must of read wrong on your blog sorry that is amazing It is so pretty there you are very lucky. Oh I will have to check out the doll cup if only they did a range of tea cups and saucers.

  4. Hello and thanks for the comment over at mine. £4.99! My god I am going to be charging up to TK Maxx (my favourite ever shop) as soon as possible to get me one of those domes. I know what you mean about putting things in the basket and then taking it out and putting it back in again. It's my party trick. I leave things all over the place in shops where I keep trying to resist!
    Will have fun reading through your blog!


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