Sunday, 1 July 2012

The magical garden centre

This month we have been spending lots of time at Willowpool Garden Centre in Cheshire its only twenty minutes away from our home, I was recommended by a friend to visit this place purely for its amazing tea rooms. Once we arrived in the car park it looked like any other garden centre but once we entered the grounds I was in ore of all its random quirkiness. Not only did they just sell plants, shrubs and tree's they had this wonderful secret garden of reclaimed items from various fun fairs and the well known Blackpool illuminations. Its not everybody's cup of tea but for me I was in junk heaven, they had made good use of anything fabulous and created a fairytale not just for children but for us adults.

 My little pony every 1980's little girls favourite friend. They apparently have two of these but I am yet to find the other one. This was reclaimed from Blackpool Illumination's it even lights up, I would love to have her in my back garden how crazy would that be.

This was Willowpool's version of strawberries and meringue Eason was pretending to tuck into this beauty by himself, this served one person clearly they are very generous with their portions. All food is home made and it tasted wonderful.

Myself and Eason standing by the lake

This was one of the many quirky shops they had situated on the grounds of the garden centre, we spent hours walking around these shops.

I had to take a picture of this bench its simply beautiful, a little over priced but I could see how lovely it would look in a over grown shabby garden.


I love this 

This is the entrance to the tearooms.

Lots of people sat under these drinking tea and eating cake

These were reclaimed fair ground huts with indoor heating.

Inside the tea room they used stain glass windows reclaimed from a church 
it looked like a mini chapel.

This was our waitress I love the aprons they really tied in with the theme.

This is my favourite picture taken with Instagram. 

This was the smoking area.

Eason's lunch what a treat.

If you are ever in the area I would really recommend Willowpool Garden Centre as a fun day out, I cant wait to return at Christmas apparently it takes them a week to put all the decorations up it will look incredible no doubt. This post is a little different from the usual postings but I had to share it.


  1. Hi Tracey,
    I am another Tracy! I love the My Little Pony. I always wanted one as a kid and never had one. It looks like such a lovely an imaginitive place. x

    1. Hi Tracy thank you it truly is a imaginative place there are so many hidden treasures at Willowpool. They even cater for wedding's I would love to have a shabby chic themed party here. Than you for adding me. x


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