Sunday, 8 July 2012

Oh Rosalie

Have you gone Bogeyed yet?
If the answer is no! carry on....

When Rosalie hit the shelves in Ikea nobody could get their hands on the Rosalie range it was a
similar design to Cath Kidston and rumours had it "Cath Kidston" designed this range, I still to this day
don't know the truth behind that story. I rushed out and purchased the Bedding, Curtains and Throw
if that wasn't enough I managed to cut the curtains and made a foot stool and a blind out of this design.
Ikea are renowned for their "extra long" curtains I could seriously make two sets of curtains out of one pair "Thank you Ikea" I am not complaining.

I was so obsessed with this design that I turned my bedroom into what looks like wild spread roses, I can become a little obsessive with one item in every design and you are thinking "your not kidding me" I tried to convince myself that its all shabby chic but who really has the same pattern continuously in a shabby chic themed kind of way. I always find it hard to mix match things up as floral and floral's can often look a bit OTT but that is how the look is supposed to be "all thrown in" mismatched heaven.  

 I even took it a stage further and perfectly matched the paint on the walls with the print which is Green Apple by Farrow & Ball but nobody warned me about faded bedding and spanking new looking curtains. 

I was embarrassed to share this room on my blog as I think I was kind of hormonal after having Eason and took all of this interior designing too far, maybe its just me I get bored easily and like to have a change next time I want to opt for more neutral colours. I even tried to convince my partner that we should consider having a "Summer" spread and a change for "Winter" and winter being Rosalie but somehow I think he knew it was just an excuse to buy a new range.

I sometimes have plain white sheets for a change but I just cant keep them white with a man and a child in the house oh and of course my not so long lasting foundation.

This is our wardrobe that we waited 9 months for from "Next" it wasn't what I originally wanted but the high top heavily carved armoire just wouldn't get up the stairs. If I had time back then I would of bought something shabby and painted it up but there's something not right about second hand storage items the word "Foist" springs to mind.

 I purchased these drawers at Dunelm a random find as they don't sell much furniture at my local store.

Lots of love from my Rosalie room. x


  1. I love this fabric and I have never been to IKEA~I hear it takes days to slog through the I avoid crowds and shops like that....but these are really darling. I think your room looks very sweet!

    1. Thank you Amy Ikea stock quite a lot of modern furnishings which I am not a big fan of but sometimes they have nice pieces which you have to grab when you see it. I usually go in the week when its not busy I would swap this store for your store Target any day. I am loving the Rachel Ashwell range you have in the states.

  2. I love it! I would love the curtains too, but I haven't seen them here. I suggested to my other half, Roman, that I could buy another duvet and make it into curtains and he looked at me like I was mental!
    I adore your furniture. You have a gorgeous home. xxx

    1. Thank you Tracy I will have a look in my store and see if they stock the blue Rosalie curtains I am sure they have them. Your comment was sweet. x

  3. Your boudoir is lush. Simples. Must be like sleeping in a beautiful garden every night. I like that thought!!! X x x

  4. Oooh, such a pretty pattern, long live Ikea! I found your blog via Pixie's at 'A home made Fairytale'.

    1. Thank you Erica yes long live Ikea thanks for popping over. x

  5. Wow! Beautiful room and cute bedding! Need to have it :) Thank you for sharing.
    I found Cath Kidston Rosali bedding set here:


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