Saturday, 28 July 2012

Straw Love Heart Wreath

Before I start I would just like to mention this is my 50th Post never thought I would reach 10 I obviously am a busy girl...

You all know how I like to change things up a bit and put my mark on originality well I found this straw heart that I purchased from Ikea two years ago this was before stores started to sell shabby chic straw hearts, I thought it was the bee's knees if I remember correctly it was a few pounds.

So I decided to paint it as I am frankly running out of things to paint in the house I am always eyeing things up thinking to myself can it be painted with chalk paint. Anyway here are a few things that I added a long the way.

I cut a small section from the garland It was hanging above my head and was screaming at me to be cut a little. I added a touch of Annie Sloan Original to calm the leafy stem as it was too green for my desired look, once dry I began to paint the straw heart. This was a bit of a trial practice run for the big Christmas Tree I am intending on painting, talk about splash back I then reverted to filling a empty spray bottle with chalk paint and water and had a good spritz in between the straw pieces what a mess. I then reverted back to using the brush it covered well.

I added a soft beige/pink ribbon around the centre and trimmed a piece of lace from my lampshade! yes I always end up taking bits and pieces from other finished creations I am impulsive, Its ok though the lamp isn't bare just yet. So I cut the lace trim in half and tied it either side of the centre to add a feminine touch.

Once the roses were dry I then attached it to the centre and wrapped it around to cover the ribbon and lace.

And VoilĂ  one large dusky romantic straw wreath. 

I am really pleased with the results it didn't take me long either just a lot of chalk paint to wipe up from the kitchen surface  

So it just goes to show that Annie Sloan chalk paint is so versatile and its also addictive.

I love these pictures.

I decided to hang the wreath in the centre of my curtain pole but no doubt it will be placed somewhere else in the house next week.

Hope you all have a fab weekend.

Love Tracy


  1. Wow, you have wonderful ideas! I lack vision for stuff like that. What did you do work wise, before kids?? It MUST have been creative!!!
    I never paint. I am nearly 37 and have never ever ever painted anything! So, why all bloggers so into Annie Sloan? Help!!!!!
    X x x

    1. Hey Gem thanks for your lovely comment I am a Registered Nurse I qualified in 2010 my career is on hold now until the little one starts nursery. I much prefer this side of things but it wont pay the bills :( you really need to grab a tin of Annie Sloan and have a play with it, it really is easy and you can transform everything and anything. Bloggers are raving about it because it beats any paint ever made in my opinion, at £17 a tin you can paint so much and you can also add water to make it go that bit further. xx

  2. It looks gorgeous! Much better than before and I even like it hanging on your cabinet as well as at the window. I didn't think about using the Annie Sloan on stuff like that but I suppose it's perfect because you get that chalky finish. Great idea, mrs. I have some left over from painting a dresser and I might start looking round the house to see what I can paint.
    Snap for the Ikea curtains, I have them here. I keep meaning to get another couple of packs in case they stop making them.
    Hope you're having a good weekend.

    1. Missy I was thinking exactly the same about the nets you never know one day they might discontinue them its always good to have a back up. I am glad I have inspired you to go painting something try watering the paint to make it go further! I will watch this space, thank you for the lovely comment. xx

  3. Hello, I was drawn to visit your blog - your title reminded me of one of my husband's favorite sayings! I love your straw recreation - it is amazing! I would love it if you share in my blog party this afternoon at A Delightsome Life. I will be publishing the party at 6 pm EST.
    Your newest follower,

  4. love this charming straw wreath...and the armoire or cabinet it hangs on as well...that is a beauty! Lets get rid of your word verification so I don;t have to pass a test every time i want to comment and I am tired and blah blah blah...

    1. Amy you are teaching me the tricks of the trade I jumped onto youtube for a tutorial some guy was doing a tutorial in Bengali I didn't understand a word of Bengali but managed to switch it to off. A round of applause no more tests from now on.


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