Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sun, Skates, Seaside, Farm, Family and Shelving

Hello all I am back with a all in half a week special "mouthful" I have been busy with one thing and another. We took a visit to Ikea again this week usually its for the bargain breakfast that usually gives me an excuse to entice the other half into shopping. I bought these shelves ideally used for picture frames but should know me by now anything is possible. My partner shouted from the living room "Don't put too many things on the shelf" No dear its fine only half of what was jam packed in the display cabinet. At first I filled it with jugs and odd's and sods but it looks too cluttered, to be honest even with plates it looks rather busy but I guess everything in the house is busy, busy and extra added busy.

I eventually finished fixing and painting the table it took 6 coats of watered down Annie Sloan Chalk paint, I wouldn't ask why 6 coats I guess I was just over ambitious on coverage. You really wouldn't think it was the same table.

Lilac food colouring now this is the first time I have ever come across LILAC food colouring.
I look forward to baking up something with this perhaps a lavender cake. 
Obviously minus the stray hair... 

We took a trip back to our home town Scarborough had a visit to the Granary Farm Tea Rooms
The food wasn't much to scream about it seems nobody really wants to do tea rooms properly any more I could count on one hand how many establishments actually bake a decent cake and serve a cracking cup of tea. It seems to be microwave jacket potatoes, toasties and cake bought from a wholesaler "Carrot & Fudge cake" Ohhh I am going on.

I love this picture it was taken on my Phone I was stunned at how well it turned out.

On to Scarborough North Bay for a ride on my new skates It was such a lovely evening I could of stayed in this moment forever, doing what made me feel happy and free. We often have the odd night child free when we visit our parents. Me and Anson put on our skates and acted 12 all over again. Usually I would be running around getting Eason in to bed.

As we approached the beach we saw this beautiful rainbow it was such a warm night and it looked so mysterious hanging about in the North Sea. 

Well you can definitely see me coming in these.

On Sunday I made Tea Cup Cakes I thought it was a lovely idea as my sister and her partner came to visit, well anyone would have thought I had served up a tea cup full of gold fish. First of all they was Salted caramel and peanut butter cup cakes only one of them did not like peanut butter so I guess I was brave choosing that flavour to begin with. All of my family think I am mad they don't really understand my love for all things shabby chic, my sister calls me "Mother Hen" I guess my followers are the only people who actually take an interest. Keep doing what makes you happy I say.

What the hell are these???? they say!!


  1. Well I think the cakes look flipping lush and I love your skates!!!! What song are we listening to? It's so soothing, my kids are loving it!!!
    x x

    1. Hi Gem the music is by Mindy Gledhill very relaxing! I am glad your children like it she's a hidden Jem. The skates are so much fun I hope the weather stays dry I am like a kid at the window seeing if its ok to go out and play. x

  2. Hi Tracy, I totally get where you're coming from! Your home looks absolutely gorgeous, very pretty and girly, I like mine to be pretty too, but with 4 men it can be hard ... thank God I've got Millie to be on my side a bit! My family treat me with amusement too, and wonder why I have a pink, brakeless bike parked outside my front door, garlanded with bunting and flowers. I get all the approval I need from blogland too! By the way, Eason is adorable, but I don't need to tell that, do I?

    Love, Claire xxx

    1. Hi Claire you are right at least we can enjoy all of our quirky interests and share them amongst ourselves, I told my partner about your bike he looked confused I think he was more surprised that the chalk paint would stay put on the bike frame. Its looks amazing by the way you did a great job, Eason is a cutey bless him. x

  3. haha! well i like you the way you are obviously!! and i have to say you look pretty in your black outfit with neon skates! enjoy your youth and the chance you get to steal away with your partner! I liked the description of the tea houses....never been to one though. but a cracking cup of tea made me chuckle. xo


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