Friday, 24 August 2012

Wu and Wu

Oh my days where have I been? I have only just stumbled across Wu and Wu Dumpling Dynasty....
I found this cute little collection whilst searching for chopsticks on eBay, you probably are all unaware that my partner is Chinese and he had a lovely stash of chopsticks tucked away in the kitchen. Well I have used them to unblock the sink, mix paint, open ketchup bottles, de fluff the tumble dryer and the use of a shoe horn. A few have snapped been coated in silicone and the odd pair slung into the bin. I came across a set of cute pink chopsticks for £6 I think I will replace them, he is screaming in my ear right now saying they are too expensive I will have to have a word with my friend in China, these days anything branded you can buy for a fraction of the price over there. Here is a link to the website Wu and Wu she has some lovely collectable vintage style tins. 

Fiona Hewitt designed this range and her inspiration came from living in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. "Our products are a labour of love. Sought-out from lesser-known parts of Asia, we strive to personalize and re-create the sweet sentiment and attention to detail found in vintage Asian packaging design," says Fiona Hewitt. This gives me any excuse to buy pretty eye catching tins they would look great in our kitchen. 

As you enter you are greeted by these super cute characters and a crazy catchy tune.

I think I will purchase this cute biscuit tin.

The baking set comes complete with a piping tube, cup cake cases and other useful baking essentials.


Anyway I thought I would share this collection as I know some of my dear followers will admire the Wu and Wu collection just like I have.

Have a great bank holiday weekend folks.
Tracy x


  1. My friend has quite a lot of Dumpling Dynasty Things. She is on my blog list and her blog is called Kitty Loves Custard. I just have one tin. I love their things. They do cushions too. I am love with the baking kit.
    Thanks for your offer to send the jugs. You are very kind.
    I!ll find the link to Karen!s flickr, it is ace, xxx

    1. I will take a look I think I am following her already thanks Tracy they really are the cutest pieces.

  2. Hellooo,
    Tracy, yep this collection is soo pretty, a little on the lines of 'Pip Studio' in colour, just adorable! I haven't heard of the range, so thanks for sharing.....
    A girl can't have to much prettiness now, can she!!
    Wishing you a 'happy holiday' weekend too and thank you for sweet words over on mine!!
    loVe Maria x

    1. Hello Maria yes they are very sweet and bright in colour I know what to put on my Christmas list this year.


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