Saturday, 11 August 2012

Annie Sloan vs Cuprinol on Decking

Just a quick update pictures to follow this evening, I decided to apply the chalk paint to the decking it looks rather patchy but I intend on giving it a white wash after. I painted it with Antoinette "Pink" and a Original "Off White" wash over the top. Its not adhering to the wood very scratchy and the slightest brush and its coming away. I think maybe I should of not diluted it trying to get as much stuff painted out of one tin is obviously not a good idea. Annie Sloan team emailed me advising to leave it to dry for three days in dry weather. I am too inpatient to see whether it will hold up, I looked at cuprinol shades in sweet pea but its far to pink I wanted to achieve that dusky look. I hate to think that I am wasting valuable time on something that wont work. Trial and error! it seems that I am the only person to tackle decking as there isn't anything online.

So this is the decking prior to Annie Sloan a dirty violet colour.

Sat out on the decking, beaming sunshine with Wellington boots on this is what you call style.
First layer of Original on.

And then the Antoinette Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

After sitting on the decking for over twenty minuets I decided it was not going to work.
So off we trotted to B&Q and ended up with a tin of Cuprinol which I didn't want to do but managed to get a colour mixed closest to what was on the decking and came home with Pale Thistle.
Its on and its "BRIGHT" jees you can probably see it from moon. I must of been eating too many raindrops this week because everything is screaming colour.

Pale Thistle wood paint.

I like the colour but it does not have the aged feel to it I cant sand and distress it but I guess over the next year it will start to gain some character. 

I painted the fence too in Sea grass.

I had my sofa throw covers out drying on the line I love the colours from the material next to the fence. 

Now everything is so crisp and bright everything else now seems so drab. The pavement needs a jet wash and the concrete surrounding the fence area need a paint. Something in the garden is bugging me (Purple slating) I want it all painted. I had a great idea of filling up a bucket with chalk paint and a touch of water pouring all of the stones into the bucket, swish them around and then let them dry in the bucket. It would work but I would be there all day. I now need to decide on the right plants, purchase a wheelbarrow and some other pieces for the garden. Once its all completed I will post up some pictures. 

I will leave you with a funny thought......Have you ever painted a fence and then wanted to paint all your neighbours fences the same colour because they are CLASHING with your fence? 

Have a beautiful Sunday folks.
Tracy x


  1. How do you do all this when you have a toddler? Please let me know! I am obviously failing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lovely post, laughed re neighbours fences clashing with your newly painted one!!!
    X x x

    1. Hey Gem its a case of cramming these things in between naps and at 7pm that is when the magic comes alive, lately its changed as the little one is in a bed now so I am up and down the stairs like a yo yo. x

  2. I love the colour of your fencing. Your decking will soon weather in too so dont worry about it appearing too bright.

    1. Thank you Anne its very bright and cheery it needed some attention I am pleased with the results. x

  3. Hi! Just discovered your blog and become a follower. I love the seagrass colour. Sorry to hear about your problem with the AS paint. It reminded me of a paint I once bought for our bedroom - the paint just would not stick to the wall, it kept bouncing off! No idea why!

    1. Hello June thank you for popping over, I hate waiting to see if something will work I know Annie Sloan is very good paint but because I had not seen enough evidence to suggest it would stay on outside wood I was not going to risk it. Its all fixed now with a splash of cuprinol yay!!! x

  4. Hello Tracy, LoVed viewing your decking and had a chuckle at your thoughts of 'Prettying up' your neighbours too!!
    The great British weather will soon add the touch of shabby chic you desire, don,t worry!
    Have a fun week, awww and enjoyed the post on your sweet picnic...
    LoVe Maria x

    1. Hello Maria yes where I live is pretty like a modern coronation street all the gardens are very close to each other so everything looks so dark, I think because I live in the city centre a lot of pollution builds up and everything gets so dirty. Hope you have a fun week too bring on the weekend sunshine. x

  5. Hello Tracy:
    We have to confess to being absolute devotees of Farrow and Ball and wondered if you had tried any of their outdoor paints. We know exactly what you mean about achieving a chalky finish and we always think that F and B paints manage that beautifully as well as having good weather resistance.

    Whatever, it is such fun to be experimenting with paint effects and this should certainly brighten up your outside space. We are certain that you will have all the neighbours copying you!!

    We have discovered your blog quite by chance and have so enjoyed our visit. We have signed up as Followers and look forward to future posts.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance thank you for stopping by and commenting on this post. I am a lover of Farrow and Ball and have used some of their colours in my bedroom and bathroom they have some really nice colours in their collection. I will take a look at your blog and have a good read. Thanks for your lovely comments. Tracy

  6. Hi Tracy, how dud I miss this post? You make me laugh, and yes I would like my neighbours to co-ordinate with me! Love your sofa covers and the green of your fence. Always love seeing what you've been up to as you give me inspiration, gush, gush!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Claire xx

    1. Hi Claire hope you are well I have been away for a week I hope to keep inspiring you gush gush lol. x

  7. i love this kinda stuff. i've ust found your blog, i'm new to blogging so thought i'd say hi :)
    laura xx


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