Friday, 3 August 2012

7 Things About Me

Ok so I was tagged by the lovely Gem over at Treasures from the cherry tree I was asked to blog 7 things about me and received a blog award in which I am thrilled. I actually found this rather difficult but here goes..

1. I attended Manchester University in 2005 to fulfil my life ambition to become a nurse I wasn't confident on being accepted as I had reached 25 and wasn't fresh out of school, it was a big decision leaving my home town of  Scarborough and moving to Manchester to live alone. Me and my partner had bought a house their to make things a little more easier, he intended on moving with me and that didn't happen until 4 years later. I had some up's and downs on my course it was tough we worked placements and assignment and also portfolios which had to be filled in every day. I scraped each assignment and exam and came out successful on every placement in my last year of studying I was refereed to see a education psychologist I was told that I was dyslexic and  had dyscalculia. I failed my final assignment 3 times by 2% on each resubmition you had to wait 3-4 months for them to mark your work and come to a decision whether to let you do it again. All of my friends had qualified in 2008 and I was still battling this assignment out travelling where there was work selling make-up :( sales lady! I passed eventually and graduated in 2010 I never gave up. This is the funny part... the day before I found out I had passed I had also found out I was pregnant Arghhhhh so I graduated with a 4 month bump. Time has passed and now we are in 2012 I have not started nursing yet in all honesty I feel I have lost my confidence and if any mothers or fathers can relate to me here having a baby can really make you feel like your out of the picture with the real world.

2. Believe it or not I hate gardening I have visions of how I would like it to look but I must admit I am a bit of a girl when it comes to weeding and digging. I hate woodlice and worms so I guess that doesn't help I don't have a big garden so its not too high maintenance, I keep threatening my other half with a gardener but he just shrugs his shoulders. Maybe these these things come with age.

3. I have been engaged for 9 years and have been with my college sweet heart for 12 years in total. I have an engagement ring collecting dust. Since having Eason my fingers have doubled in size I thought since I have lost 3 stone in a year I could of lost at least half a pound off each hand obviously not. We have dreams of a wedding but believe it or not we couldn't organise a Teddies Bears picnic.

4. I love charity shops purely for 2nd hand furniture I don't buy any old pieces usually furniture which once had value or has character. The best part is bringing it home stripping it and then painting it but ever since I discovered Annie Sloan I no longer need to strip or sand it just glides straight on. I usually sell most of the pieces I make over as I don't have the room to keep it all.

5. I love to listen to music if I don't listen to music I loose my motivation. You will often find me in the kitchen listening to anything from the 80's to Classical chill out.

6. I love anything American especially food I once spent a fortune in a local American import store everything seems to be fudge, caramel, cinnamon, peanut butter or dough these are my weaknesses. I once went to Florida in 2005 and had the doctor at my bedside on the 2n'd day of the holiday with Gastroenteritis well that's what he diagnosed me with, I didn't tell him I had eaten my body weight in babyruth bars.

7. I would love to be a Make up artist, some of you ask me did I have a creative job in the past and the answer is no but this has been another one of my ambitions probably even more so than Nursing I love my creative side. I wake up being creative and go to bed thinking of ways I can be more creative, don't get me wrong I love Nursing Its what I strived for but sometimes there is a little interest or hobby that is screaming career. My mum tells me not everybody enjoys their job but I don't believe this is true.

I hope this list has not rambled on too much for you and that your still with me on this post. 

I would like to pass on this award and tag 

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  1. This is brill and I am thrilled you have chosen tracey as I love her blog and have followed her for over a year own I think. Nominated her a long time ago, she deserves it.
    I understand you with the whole friends thing. How old is Eason? How have you managed to avoid toddler groups??? Is he in nursery? Is this how you do all your amazing paint jobs??!!
    What is the other thing you have that isn't dyslexia? Not heard of it. Will google it in morning. Been crying the last hour after watching the Soham documentary and given myself a headache as a result. Take care dear.
    X x x

    1. Gem all of my fabulous paint jobs usually start at 7pm onwards its awkward painting in the dark but I manage somehow. Eason goes to indoor play centres we are looking at a nursery now as he is 19 months next week no longer a baby :(. Dyscalculia is like Dyslexia but with numbers I would say I am worse with the numbers more than the letters. I hope your headache has gone now. x

  2. Thank you so much Tracy, am thrilled you've nominated me,as I love your blog and was lovely hearing those 7 things about you. Hope you get your mojo back re nursing, but f you don't think you'd have a fantastic career doing something creative as you have great ideas. Your little boy is a credit to you, as is your home, and there are more important things in life than status! Thanks again, and will now have to think of 7 things ... Have a lovely weekend

    Claire xxx

    1. No problem Claire you deserve the award and thank you for your lovely comment you say the nicest things I think its safe to say I have met some wonderful people on here that I can call friends. Enjoy your weekend and have fun with your new post. Tracy x

  3. You have a gorgeous blog I am a new follower! Thank you so much for following mine and for your sweet comments on my candylights! God bless you and yours, Jennifer ♥

    1. I will definitely be ordering some goodies for Christmas. Thank you for following and the lovely comment. Tracy x


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