Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Rattan Headboard

I picked up this free standing king size headboard a while back it has two loop hooks on the back so you can hang it on the wall. Unfortunately I have lost the before picture sad face  it was cream with gold painted detail in the carved areas. I painted it a few weeks ago but had to fix it as it had a huge crack on the left hand side, because the main feature is rattan the whole headboard had collapsed on itself.

By looking at it from a distance you can not tell where it had been damaged, it took two of us to stretch the wood and to seal with wood glue and a vice. As much as we struggled to pull it together this was the best we could do. I was surprised that it held together so well as it was thick wood.

I painted it in "Original" Annie Sloan it literally took minutes. When you see these images it looks rather patchy and uneven but in real life its perfectly covered.   

Yes..... £30 what a bargain! this is one of the reasons why I just could not let it go, its funny how we managed to drive from Leeds Home Sense to Manchester with this in the car but we couldn't fit a ladder in yesterday. 

I decided to leave the edges as they were as it had been distressed to perfection. Can I just say painting Rattan is a pain in  the arse it goes everywhere, I guess this prepares me for the Christmas tree experiment.

I am yet to fill in the edge of the crack and a good sand but once I have a new project I am at it straight away with the paintbrush. I am hoping to sell this headboard as unfortunately I have a double bed and in total love with my recent vintage headboard. Do you think its worth selling? let me know your thoughts.

It is a very rare find and I know people have issues with finding a French style headboard these days especially if they own a divan bed like myself. Tomorrow we are taking a trip to Preston I wonder what I will come back with. We have decided to opt for the white kitchen I have taken a few ideas from a friend Tracy over at Pixie blogger. As soon as I saw her white kitchen I had instantly fell in love with the idea of having a white kitchen with bright coloured plates, jugs ect which I already have. Thanks Tracy for the inspiration. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 

Tracy x 


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention. Our kitchen was from Ikea, if that is any help. This is a link on flicr to a really nice kitchen.
    I thinksomeone would definitely buy the headboard. It is absolutely beautiful.
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I love the ladder. I always think ladders look good. xxx

    1. Aw Tracey I prefer your kitchen I saw your cooker in ikea yesterday too its lovely. We opted for the white kitchen but its nothing as fab as yours. Tracy x

  2. Oh Tracy, it's gorgeous! (Love your Rosali bedding too!)... am sure you could sell it. Also love Pixie's kitchen, am very envious as my own kitchen is the size of a microwave and dream of a room with a large table, belfast sink and squashy sofa ... I would live in it! I bought some AS Old White yesterday, and am skulking around to find something to paint! Hope you get some good finds in Preston ...

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you Claire oh yes I dream of the same I can hardly swing a cat in my kitchen. I cant wait to see the transformation on the light fitting the old white will look amazing. Tracy x

  3. Lovely, lovely blog! :D
    Thanks for following me......or I would never have found you!
    Strangely enough I had come up with one of your gorgeous piccies when I was google imaging Annie Sloan chalk paint.......whats the chance of that?
    Hums twilight zone........
    I am going to have a lovely big mooch around your posts this week....goody!!!!
    Oh, and yes Pixies kitchen is the lovliest on the block....and the source of much much envy! Drat her!!!!
    Gosh, I do ramble.....
    Karen xo

    1. Thank you Karen well that is interesting that my blog appeared on google well done google yay! Thank you for you kind comment Annie Sloan rocks! Tracy x


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