Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The grey display cabinet

Well what a palaver I have had other the past two days, to start off with we finally ordered the kitchen it took an agonising six hours to decide on two styles of kitchen cupboards white or cream and we decided on white. Because we had wasted a whole day in B&Q we thought we would head for a late shop and quick tea at Ikea. Originally shopping for door knobs and you know the extra pillow or whatever tickled my fancy, Anson spotted this grey display cabinet. It was originally £350.00 but the Edland range has now been discounted, we dashed to the warehouse area and they had sold out, we was told to speak to customer service and ask for the one on display. They had told us there was nobody to dismantle the unit and we would have to come back in the morning, so Anson dashed over to Ikea and waited for the doors to open. He spoke to to customer services and they said come back at 2pm when the manager starts shift in order to dismantle it..... Obviously I was on edge and could not let this bargain slip so I decided to call what I thought was Ashton Ikea Customer Services.

 Anson is fairly chilled out when it comes to talking to people so chilled out that he could watch it being carted off under his nose, if I am not there being persistent then nothing will materialise a bit like labour in child birth but that's another story. So I spoke to customer services general line and asked about this unit and if there would be a chance we could take it home today or pay for it up front, to cut a long story short we got onto the conversation of the direct phone number for Ashton meanwhile Eason had woke up from his morning nap and strangely enough a huge gigantic bumble bee had flew into the front room, I had one hand on a glass preventing the bee from attacking me and the other hand on the phone I told the advisor that I was going to grab a pen that is when I heard him say out loud over the phone F***ing H*ll which dragged out for a few seconds. I was in complete shock as this was so unprofessional I cut the conversation short he would not give me any numbers so I asked him his name, he replied with his first name and asked why and I said you have been great customer service thank you for your help and hung up. 

Meanwhile Anson is battling it out with Ikea staff and they told him he had to wheel the unit off on a trolley and dismantle it himself which I know they do anyway so what was the problem in the first place. On a plus side we had it reduced to £60 this whole saga has kind of annoyed me I will be taking the customer service incident further I did call back and was fobbed off with a team leader will call once he has listened to the recorded phone call, that phone call never came.        

The Grey Edland Display Cabinet

A bit blurry but its so dark and grey I have decided to make it over.

At the bottom of the unit it has one drawer and calved legs I will upload a full shot once completed.

My favourite paint shop is closed until Friday they only really open by appointment its frustrating as they are the only stockist of Annie Sloan paint. One stockist in the whole area of Manchester I know Annie Sloan keeps her stockists very few and apart as it is such a special form of paint but buying it on demand isn't always easy. I think Louis Blue would look lovely with a hint of original I hope to update you in the week. I hope my rant didn't bore you too much I am excited as its a fresh project to start on, the other blue unit is on Gumtree as we speak.


  1. Wow I love the cabinet, I'm looking forward to seeing it after the make over. And keep on at the customer service complaint that's just not on.

    1. Thanks Jay I know its disgraceful I will definitely be on to them, I look forward to painting this one. Tracy x

    2. Oh Tracy i am so sorry you heard that disgusting operator,i would keep on at them too you should be getting an apology not a fob off.
      On a good note your cabinet is gorgeous and i can not wait to see it made over,totally agree with you about Annie Sloan paint there is no one near me so i have to pay postage costs which really bumps up the price.
      Have a lovely week xxx

  2. Wow, what a bargain,no wonder you didnt want to give it up! Cant wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Lovely Tracy, can't wait to see the magic you work on it! xx

  4. Awesome cabinet, there is so much you could do with it. Cant wait to see :) x

  5. Persistence pays off! People who work on the other end of a phone seem to be employed for their unhelpfulness and these days they only give out first names which I'm sure is not their real first name. I had a similar problem with the DVLA and the woman would only give her name as "Ann". When I phoned back a few days later they said they didn't know which "Ann" it was so I got nowhere fast!
    Looking forward to seeing the makeover!

  6. Oh I have this cabinet,Iv got it in the spare bedroom with my linen stored in it,Iv often looked at it and wondered if I should revamp but it does look nice as it is for now.Look forward to seeing what you do with yours.Love Jill xx


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