Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Paper Roses

I bought two sets of Rose Paper Garlands a while back and thought it would be a great idea to show you many ways of using them. One was in pink and the other a cream they are not vibrant and look somewhat aged and very shabby chic. I wanted to do something different other than draping over a mirror or a headboard so here a few ideas.

Here is my chandelier very basic but never the less pretty. 
Oh and the net curtains are new I bought these a while back but decided to put them up and let the sunlight in, I want to get my hands on a pair of Rachel Ashwell curtains for winter but they are so expensive to buy on ebay I wish Target delivered overseas or had a online store "sad face".

Ikea net curtains.

This is how I have the paper rose garland draped around the chandelier I can hear alarm bells HOUSE FIRE!!! the fire service would have a field day in this room. As long as they aren't touching the bulbs I am sure they are safe, I have seen plenty of Christmas garlands hanging off light fittings so why not roses. 

They don't have to be neat as you can see I have thrown these on they are a little fiddly. 

The cream rose garland I have draped over the top of the dresser I love the romantic feel that they give to the room.

I used Antoinette and Original chalk paint by Annie Sloan mixed and painted this light shade I now use it as toilet paper holder but you can fill a bird cage with these roses and maybe add a few fairy lights and it would look beautiful.

I added the roses to this candelabra its rather full jam packed with paper roses but you can always cut the garland to size. These are for sale on ebay I found them cheaper there rather than online stores you can usually pay £9 each for these garlands. They are flexible and easy to manipulate to frame almost anything if you are looking for something smaller I know Primark sell a head garland they are great for twisting around candle holders ect.  

I would like to say a big hello to all of my new followers its not easy finding an audience when you first start out, it was only a month ago when a friend on here pointed out that my blog was not even visible to the world so I am learning. Thank you for all your lovely comments it means so much to me I hope you are all having a lovely week. 

Tracy x


  1. This is a cool idea. I always lack inspiration, sadly. Good with ideas involving chocolate though, ie eat it......
    Like your loo roll storage holder, genius! X x

  2. Love your garlands Tracy ... I've got those Ikea curtains too! Am getting to grips with Annie Sloan, thanks fir your offer f help, am sure I'll need it. Have a lovely evening, Claire xxx

    1. Drop me a email any time I have become a pro thanks Claire x

  3. Popping in on my morning off..I miss visiting my favorite blogs! I love the paper garland~it looks faded and shabby and is pretty everywhere it is put. I still cannot see your title on my blog roll, and am stumped as to why it didn't change over when I tried to help fix it...

    1. Have you tried deleting me off of your blog roll and then adding again, hmm it is strange I have had a look at the settings and it looks right to me. Amy have a look on Ebay I have a fantastic idea for these roses. xx


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