Thursday, 26 July 2012

Did you know?

That you can charity shop on-line.....If the answer is yes then where on earth have I been. I have been having a nosey and came across these two websites. There are other charities on-line but they tend to sell their own designs in their gift shop. My charity shop looks great as you can search all stores for specific items instead of traipsing through pages upon pages of tea cups and Wellington boots. I do feel they are a little over priced in comparison with general second hand shopping and it kind of takes away the thrill of walking into a store and scanning the shelves for treasures but its something to think about if you are unable to leave the comfort of your own home.    

I just wanted to share this with you all, its been a exciting day for me today I went out and purchased a pair of roller boots....I decided to re live a childhood hobby. I had a whiz around our private parking area and loved every minute of it, I am actually considering Roller Derby well not just yet but once I regain the confidence.

Take care all

Tracy x


  1. Hi, thank u for the lovely comment on my blog. Your blog looks like just my kind of thing! Xx

    1. Thank you very much I am glad you like it. :)


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