Saturday, 7 July 2012


Couldn't stop myself from entering the charity shops today there is a area in Manchester where they just hand over vintage treasure to charity shops they just turf out some incredible pieces. I had a little think to myself and have come to the conclusion that woman of my grandma's generation used tea sets, silver wear, cake stands ect everyday it wasn't a case of an event they just did everything in style. I remember my nan doing a great spread lunch and tea time she would have everything set out and made a real effort to dress the table with everything and anything. I came to the conclusion that yes its time that most woman's possessions are being taken to charity shops due to deceased or change of home, my nan passed away a few years ago and bless her she did very well at 90 years of age. I like to think that I am who I am because of her and share a little piece of her passion in everything I do, there isn't many 32 year old's that I know of having a panic attack over a tea set in the middle of a charity shop. Maybe one day when we are over the hill they will be dusting off Dyson Hoovers and George Foreman Grills. So everything that we are drawn too in a charity shop has a story behind it a sentimental value to that person, but we chose to love it all over again. This is what I picked up today. 

Glass cake stand "Yes another but we wont discuss that" £3.00 slight chip on the side.

 Silver plated Cake Server

I used Aquafresh to bring this tarnished beauty back to life and it worked.

 After a good scrub, buff and polish these two scrubbed up very well. Now where on the high-street
would you find a glass cake stand and a silver plated server for a total of £7.00?. 

I hope you all have a great Sunday Folks. 


  1. You make me smile...I think the same way. Love the stand and server..

    1. Thank you Amy so sweet of you! I am glad we think the same way I hope you have enjoyed your vacation you so deserve it I bet you have missed the shop. x

  2. I love it, so beautiful.
    Do you ever read A Thrifty Mrs blog? I think she was once in a charity shop with an old teapot actually in her hand and another woman just came and grabbed it off her! Most of us are more dignified in our love of the vintage.
    My bloke's mum has loads of lovely vintage things. Noone here really appreciates it.
    I tried to comment before on your last post. I have the pink bowls and plates. They are on my dresser, far too pretty to be hidden. I squealed when I saw them in Ikea, they look very vintagey.
    Tracy xxx

    1. I have just noticed them on your dresser how did you manage to get them standing up so pretty? I do need to buy those plate stands but at the moment everything is stacked so I can fit as much loveable junk in one dresser as possible. I wish my kitchen was big enough for a dresser I could fill it easily but I am left with a small shelved unit hopefully one day. I had to laugh at the teapot incident I have found myself holding on to things tightly like a kid in a toy shop. I will have a search for A Thrifty Mrs Blog. x

  3. You will piee yourself laughing at me. I put sellotape on the bottom to make them stand up! The dresser is painted in crap emulsion, so am not too worried about ruining it. Just wanted a nice display.
    You never know which scrotes will try to nick things from you in the chazzas!
    My dresser is in the dining area. I say 'area' as we have a big open plan area. x

    1. You make me laugh Tracy that is something I would do I have a knack of balancing things on shelves so far its been a success that was before the little one came along. My house is a shoebox we tend to live on top of each other. x


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