Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Chalk Painted Chairs

 She returns.

I decided to paint the kitchen chairs before I tackle the large table full of cracks. I purchased Annie Sloan paint in "Original" I was going to buy the "Old White" but unfortunately they had sold out! I was happy to stick with "Original" as it was a close match the colour originally. I wanted to keep the clean look so I decided against distressing and finished off with clear wax. 

I contacted Amy over at Maison Decor for a bit of advice on the rattan back of the chair and Amy came up with the idea of washing over the rattan with Annie Sloan watered down. I did this and the coverage with Annie Sloan is perfect even watered down. I went for the block colour "Original" all over the chair and I must say I am very pleased with the end result. 
Thanks to Amy x

Sitting pretty in my overgrown garden, I had to laugh at myself as I had to go shopping in the afternoon and left the chairs in the garden. I had terrible visions of them being stolen it would of been just my luck. 

I think I will run up some seat covers this weekend a little frill is in order.

Eason helping mummy... as you can see Mr Tumble was more interesting. 


  1. Mr Tumble lives in my old village. ALWAYS spotted in Waitrose wearing beige Crocs. Would always smile at kids if they recognised but always looked knackered.
    Your chair looks lush, how come you were brace to leave it out in this weather though?!?!
    x x x x x x

    1. I have a secret crush on Mr Tumble and now that you have kindly informed me that he wears beige Crocs I think I need to catch my breath. Where are you Gem? I live down the road from media city Manchester I am sure he knocks about in my neck of the woods. I bet he is knackered it must be hard being cheerful all day lol. Today was a lovely day! well I say day I meant the afternoon. Thanks Gem you have made my day. xx

  2. Gorgeous chair! You are a marvel at these furniture redos. Your house is gorgeous.
    Isn't your little one a beauty? Do you ever see any celebs where you are? Mark Radcliffe and Stuart MacConie do their 6 music show near there, I think. Not massive celebs, but very funny.
    Where I used to live in sunny Bradford, W Yorks, they would have done a runner with chairs like that! xxx

    1. Thank you Tracy I think with every piece you do you just get better at it! The paint is brilliant you need to get your hands on some. I don't see many celebs only coronation street cast and half of the time I am in a world of my own. Ha ha sunny Bradford I was there a while back its like standing in a dark hole. x


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