Friday, 6 July 2012

Plates, Bowls and Hearts Shaped Ramekins

Took a trip to Ikea with friends yesterday and we spotted these pretty dining plates, side plates and bowls. They had them in cream, white and pink we had to have the pink set of course. Unfortunately they did not have the pink in a full packaged set so we bought them individually. The dinner plates were £2.69 each the side plates and bowls were £1.99 which is a bargain when you see the quality and weight of these. I could not wait to see what they would look like in my newly painted paint rack featured in previous posts. I was very disappointed when they did not fit "sad face" so I will have to find a new home for them. I am considering using them on special occasions and storing them away, but they are just too pretty to stick in a cupboard under the stairs. I also picked up two Heart shaped ramekins from Tk Maxx I had been looking for something like this for ages I was very close to buying two from Selfridge's but at £16 each far too expensive for the size of them. I picked up these two for £5.99 each.... bargain! I am on the hunt now for a pink one, I think they will be perfect for pies and desserts.


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  2. I have been admiring these plates in Ikea too!! Just couldnt justify spending the money on them at the moment............unfortunately! Shame you cant put them on display though as they are gorgeous!


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