Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Failsworth Antique Mill

On Monday we had a mooch around Failsworth Antique Mill. 

I was in my element I have been here before with a friend but did not really have time to have a good look.
There are two mills one with odd's and ends and a few new wholesale pieces thrown in for example the bird cages and garden set.

I apologise for the quality of these photos unfortunately for me I left my camera at home, my phone also died in the process I was not happy as there was so much to share. This display cabinet caught my eye not very child proof though is it?  

Its not very often you find a bath with a sink built in, for £400 it was a bargain for this Victorian bath I wouldn't want to be plumbing this bath in I still cant get my head around how it actually functions I have tried to read up about this but unable to find some history on this. A good dose of CIF and this could look amazing.

The owner of this mill said this pram was over a 100 years old and for £90.00 they are practically throwing this away, it was reclaimed from a old lady who had kept it in her house all this time I could of stared at this all day.

As I entered the second mill I took a huge gasp as this was right in front of me it was huge, it was part of a ten piece set and this was outstandingly beautiful. Could you imagine putting chalk paint on this? someone would be turning in their grave, I hope whoever purchases this set leaves it in its original condition. 

 I would of loved to of seen the house where it originally came from I bet they didn't own a Argos catalogue.

I stood there and was having visions of a perfect living room there is something kind of Disney about this collection. A lot of the furniture can be bought and also hired out for TV and Film sets keep yours eyes peeled next time you watch Down town Abbey I bet they would use this on a set.

 Well I have never in my whole life seen a wardrobe this big before.

Single headboard.

The furniture in this mill was so big I couldn't get them in one picture, if anyone lives close or would travel to Failsworth Antique Mill I would recommend a large truck because you could not walk out of the shop with this furniture. I am sure they deliver I would definitely recommend a visit as this place is like Aladdin's cave.

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