Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dust ruffles or Valance sheets

Ok so i had my eye on this certain style of Valance sheet but they only seemed to sell these in America. They call them dust ruffles and i fell in love with them as soon as i saw one, layered white frills cascading onto the floor in a shabby messy style. This Valance sheet doesnt look perfect but in my opinion makes a bed stand out. I had seen these on ebay and etsy but are too exspensive for a Valance sheet or a Dust ruffle you are looking at £80 - £100 probably worth more than my bed itself.

So i decided to have a go at making one myself i have never used a sewing machine since the age of 15 so it took me a while to get the hang of it. It didn't really matter if it was offline or uneven i think it gave it more of a shabby chic look. I took a simple Valance sheet and a flat sheet, cut the sheet into strips and sewed a hem on each strip. Then sewed each piece of material onto the side of the valance sheet and voila. Here is my very own hand made dust ruffle.

I only did one side as it took me 3 days to work out the sewing machine but then found time to finish all three sides of this beauty. I think i love it more because it was something i created at the price of £18 god i love bargains.


  1. Hello, I just stumbled across your blog after trying to find these gorgeous ruffle skirts to buy in the UK- and as you said all I can find is etsy or ebay with ridiculous prices and ridiculous shipping!!! Yours looks amazing! I understand how you made it except how did you make them look 'ruffly' if you know what I mean?

    1. Hello thank you I will do a detailed tutorial on it if you like. I know it's a pain I certainly didn't want to pay those prices.


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