Friday, 24 February 2012

Love and Roses

I recently purchased some seat covers well when i say recently i actually mean 2 months ago. Waited so long for them to arrive i wanted something to jazz up the front room and give it a country chic feel rather than juice stains and the odd smear of butter fingers over the sofa. I ordered these from China and it took 2 long agonising months to get the seller to actually post these to the right address. I wouldn't want to give you the website as i really do not trust them and certainly wont be ordering off them again. They were reasonably priced but once the shipping was added and then yet to my belief  "Import Tax" i could of made these 10 times over myself for half the price. I liked the Cath Kidston feel to them and as we had decided to decorate the front room and stairs i thought they would add a nice touch. Here are a few pictures from the website.

They look thick and heavy but they were very thin i ordered two for my corner sofa and they fit really well.
For £80 i was disappointed in the quality but i guess we live and learn.

This is just one half of the sofa i will upload pictures once the front room is completed. As you can see my little lad has his hands in the air scared stiff to touch the seat covers.


  1. I have to tell you that your blog is cracking me up and this photo of poor little Eason scared to touch the sofa has made me laugh out loud! I can just see you all day trying to stop him from crashing into all your lovely things.
    You are so funny, you are even more of a compulsive shopper than me. If we went in TK Maxx together we would clear the place. I think you are like me in that every time you go out you have to buy something or you might as well have stayed in. Anyway just had to tell you how funny you are and also your house is lovely!

    1. This comment made me laugh yes we could be dangerous together also have a look in home sense if you have one as I have seen them there too in the glass section. We are exactly the same you are right if I have not bought anything that day then I might as well of stayed at home I am like a kid in a toy shop. Thank you for your lovely comments I have a smile on my face. :) X


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