Thursday, 21 July 2011

More cups and saucers

You would of thought i had enough of these bloody things but no I'm a sucker for cups and saucers. I saw an advert a few months back hiring out vintage cups and saucers for tea parties i was envious of all the matching teapots and china tea sets they had to offer. There is something about miss match crockery pretty floral patterns and chintzy designs. One day i will get my tea set out and drink earl grey all day with my little pinkie in the air. Anyway we went for a walk around prestwich yesterday and founds lots of little charity shops as i always do i headed for the china section and picked up these sweet sets.

I picked up these for £8 i liked the detail on the matching plates, cant wait to use these at my son's first birthday. Charity shopping can become really addictive Ive always liked somebody Else's junk.
After a cup of tea and a slice of flapjack in one of the most weirdest tea rooms in prestwich i picked up this mirror from a quirky interior design place.

I bought this for my new dressing table lets hope its big enough.

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