Saturday, 1 December 2012

Paris Grey and Old Little White

Hello Everyone so I have been a busy girl again this week and managed to bag a bargain at the local junk shop. As always heading past my favourite junk shop on a late Saturday evening and asking Anson to slam on the breaks. I swear they put these things out just for me. They all have a name for me down at this shop "The delectable Tracy" I spend no time tarnishing furniture once I see it there is no negotiating "Its mine". They are usually pretty good at delivering its at my door within minuets as I only live down the road. 

So here is my latest project a Louis style dressing table complete with a three way standing mirror isn't she pretty.

She smelt rather old and was soaking wet as it had been raining heavy here in Manchester. I think this piece of furniture had come straight from a house clearance as the ladies items were still inside the drawer. I felt rather emotional sifting through her belongings. A pair of earrings a little draw string bag of old lavender and a few ornaments. This time around I could really feel the connection if you know what I mean.     

So within minuets of the dressing table being lobbed into the workshop "Kitchen" I attacked her with two chalk paints by Annie Sloan "Paris Grey" and "Old White". I could not decide what to do with it. First it was painted all "Old White" then the embellishments "Paris Grey" then I decided I wanted it to be a statement and have block colours. So I painted it grey then white then part grey ect. It has about 15 layers of chalk paint on this. After numerous amounts of sanding I settled for grey sides and a grey drawer with white establishments.

I literately had to hand paint all of the embellishments with a fine paint brush and also the outer edges and alongside the base. This took some time but I popped in my headphones and played some relaxing music. This for me is my favourite part about painting is the relaxation, no children or TV just me and the paint brush.

She sat all pretty in my front room overcrowded by toys ect and I would sit and think should it have been white? I hate deciding and Anson was not too keen on the chosen colours but I went with my gut feeling.

That evening I had stuck it on gumtree, Anson had bought me this as a early Christmas present bless him it was a bargain £55 but there is always something not quite right about painting something for myself. I can sit a pick errors with my finished pieces, I think it is more the thrill of transforming that gives me the satisfaction.

This was the finished result.

So within a few days she was sold and I am so pleased as someone will be getting a beautiful piece of furniture for Christmas. I sold this piece for £125 so I will be treating myself to a even bigger Christmas present this year.

I just want to let you all know that I will be drawing my give-away this week! I have not forgotten I hope you are all well and getting ready for Christmas.



  1. Ooh Tracy, that's lovely! Nice profit after all your hard work ... I love how you don't charge a fortune like some people would do, so everyone's happy!

    Well done,

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you Claire I hate to admit this but I did not want to part with this dressing table.

  2. That is a beautiful piece--you did a lovely job!

  3. A great piece, Annie Sloan would be proud!!

  4. Oh it looks beautiful well done xxx

  5. A great job and some extra cash for Christmas!

  6. wow! nicely done. I adore the finished product.

  7. You made a beautiful job of that Tracy, I wouldnt have been able to part with it!

    1. Thank you Anne I do miss this dressing table I think I let it slip too easily.


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