Sunday, 26 June 2011

Decorating the bathroom

So we decided to splash out and treat ourselves to a new and improved bathroom which was long overdue believe me. After many years of house sharing its difficult to update and decorate without invading peoples personal space. After being pregnant last year i knew it was time to decorate this year for the baby. It took me ages to decide what style and colour we was going to choose but after endless trips to home ware stores we had gone from floral to bold and then settled with basic. This was my inspiration.

The thing that stood out the most was the wooden beading along the top of the brick tiles it gave it a different look in the show room they had painted the beading white it looked great but it was not going to be hard wearing under the power shower. We looked at tiled beading but this worked out to be too expensive, so we settled for plastic! Hmm..... it was the only safest option. Back in the 60's Advacado bathrooms were all the rage apparently i took this picture to farrow and ball and picked my version of pale advacado and chose "Mizzle"

This was the bathroom in the demolition stage it was bearable for 3 weeks, the hardest bit was pulling up the old floor tiles. Everything had to be replaced even the bathroom sink. We used Durable Matt paint to make it kiddie proof. I chose black and white floor tiles as white would be too white with all the white brick tiles. Here is the finished look.

Although the light does not do this colour any justice its much brighter in person.

I was browsing online for a dramatic carved mirror and found endless mirrors starting from £99 i picked this one up from a local Tk Maxx should of been £20 which was a bargain to begin with, but noticed a crack at the top. I asked for a discount and paid £12 for this beauty a splodge of no nails and it was fixed. If you dont ask these days you dont get simples.

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