Sunday, 26 June 2011

My collectables

Over the past few years i have picked many pieces of furniture and decorative items to put in my front room. I tried to achieve a Laura Ashley feel in my lounge mixing the cream and white furniture with classic heavy carved picture frames and mirrors. I'm obsessed with photo frames and never find the time to get my photos developed to fill them.

I used to think having a cream living room would be difficult to keep immaculate i did well up until the baby was born and now its become a haven for toys, walkers and bibs.
Im wondering how long it will be before i have to start child proofing my furniture. The table with the lamp was a find at the local tip! my partner witnessed a man throwing it over a wall but before he did i rescued it like a crazy mad woman. It was a dark oak colour so i took a white spray paint in matt and painted it. I wish i had primed it first as its become scratched in numerous places. I think i will sand and re paint this next year. The amoire is the main feature in the lounge it holds most of my glasses and china. Im yet to find a way of child proofing this beauty. I wanted a wardrobe but unfortanatley my house is too small to fit one in so i settled for this display cabinet instead.

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