Sunday, 11 March 2012

Green Gate Collection

I love Cath Kidston but today I came across another brand called Green Gate on another lovely log they have so many lovely floral prints in so many ranges. I fell in love with these ceramic spoons they are so pretty at last I have found something to go with my cake side plates. I had to have these to add to my collection.

I also like the spotty spoon too but i will have to wait until my birthday


  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog! The spoons are really lovely. I have a deep love for Greengate. Welcome to the blogging world...there are so many beautiful blogs to discover so happy finding!

    Have a lovely day

    Vanessa : )

    p.s you are a no-reply blogger, which means that if you leave a message on anothers blog, they cannot reply to you directly. If you put your email address in your profile this will help others reply to any comments you make really easily if they need to (helpful if you are asking a blogger a question). If you don't want to, just keep checking their post and they may reply under your comment. You just have to checking though for it! : )

    1. Thank you Vanessa for pointing that out i am new to the blogging world hopefully I will get the hang of it.

  2. I'll have to check out Greengate. I love floral things! I am surprised you don't collect chintzware, or maybe you do!!

  3. I only discovered Greengate through Vanessa's blog it was the teaspoons which caught my eye. I took a look at the brochure and there are some lovely pieces in their collection. We are unable to buy them directly from the store in the UK so buying through on-line suppliers is the only option and I am sure they are over priced. I do not collect chintzware but I am sure to check it out very soon. Thank you for checking out my blog Amy I am very honoured and thrilled that you are following me. Take care :)


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