Friday, 16 March 2012

Let there be light

I have been inspired by Cath Kidston's Retro pendant light shades but I am not keen on the colours and not to mention the price. They only sell dark red, green and blue shades and I wanted a pale colour to put in my kitchen, I think they are retailed at £44 just for a metal shade which is ludicrous I searched high and low on the internet but never found the right one. I popped into T.K.Max this week and I found the perfect light fitting they had a choice of three colours pale pink, pale green and red. Obviously I chose the pale pink who wouldn't, it is more rounded then Cath Kitson's but it still has that retro look to it.  

Very similar to the Cath Kidston design

Most of the light is directed to the centre of the room which is a problem when you are cooking but nevertheless it s perfect. For £24.99 you can not complain it came as a full light fitting rather than just a shade. I remember something similar in the 80's my dad had one which you pull down to the table.

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