Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ceiling Drapes

Whilst I was in North Wales a few weeks ago we visited a little seaside resort called Llandudno, fortunately we picked the hottest day in the UK to visit and what a lovely day we had. We visited as a family with a close friend of ours who bought a long her DLSR camera. We managed to take lots of nice scenic shots and photos of pretty things.

Me and my son Eason on the cliff side

Anson and Eason on the tram

The tram ride to the top of Llandudno

On the way to the car we stopped by and took a look in a beautiful shop unfortunately I can not remember the name of this boutique. As soon as I entered this room I was blown away by the ceiling drapes, she said she used 300 metres of material to achieve this look I instantly wanted this in my front room but my house is too small to carry off this look. I will add this to my book of future renovations this would look perfect in a bedroom don't you think?.  

Beautiful and romantic


  1. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog, I recognise this shop, its called Petticoat Lane... keep up the good work

    1. Hi there thank you so much for letting me know its such a lovely shop.


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