Thursday, 7 June 2012

Vintage shopping

I do apologise for the late blog updates I have been busy with one thing or another. My last project was the display of the mix matched mirrors which didn't really go to plan, my front room was too small and the idea of displaying these up the stairs should of made an illusion of light and space but instead it was too overpowering and busy. So I resorted to small mismatched coloured photo frames instead which looks much better. Lately I have laid off the second hand furniture shopping as my house has no more space for any more treasures. Having said that me and a friend went for afternoon tea in Manchester's Northern Quarter! as we passed a vintage clothes shop I spotted a French headboard at the back of the shop.

 I popped in and asked if it was for sale and she said she could sell this headboard for £50 I was shocked as it was worth much more than this, she had earnings and necklaces hanging from the rattan board. I have collected many headboards over the past few years in search for the perfect one it is hard to find a French Double headboard they are either single or king size. I quickly paid and left the shop asking my good friend to help carry it to the car! it didn't fit so I had to book the largest taxi in Manchester to get it back home talk about flustered. Anyway here are a few pictures of our Jubilee weekend adventure.

Sugar Junction Tea Room

Perfect Pinkie!

Kay with my Headboard!

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