Tuesday, 19 June 2012

In need of a desperate make over

I bought this table a few months ago from a good friend she is a bit like me changes her furniture like she changes her socks. We had a struggle to get it from one end of the country to my house but with a little help of freight we had it delivered in once piece. 

It is a stunning carved piece from my favourite collecting Château, although their items are quite pricey you are usually guaranteed quality oak hand carved furniture. Most of the items I have purchased are heavy and painted 3 times to achieve that distressed look. This table however had been repainted by my friend and has major damage to the sides and centre of the table. I knew about the damage when I purchased it but I just love the heavy detail on the sides and the legs.

Due to the damage I have hidden its beauty away under a table cloth in desperate need to find a way of fixing the problem. Has it had its day? or is there something I can do to renovate it to a substantial looking table? If there is anyone reading and has any advice of what I should do I would be very grateful as I don't want to hide it any longer. I was contemplating on sanding the top and then using a wood filler to fill in all the cracks and then painting it with Annie Sloan in white but I am unsure to weather this will be full coverage for cracks like this. Also the chairs need a splash of paint too so it all comes together, in the meantime I will pray that someone from the decorating gods will answer my prayers.

Huge crack on the side you can see the thin lines running on each panel. 

The table top looks more like floor boarding


  1. There is a blog by a lady called Sarah who paints furniture very beautifully and uses Annie Sloan. Perhaps you could contact her. http://shabbychicsarah.blogspot.cz/
    Tracy x

    1. Oh thank you I have a few pots of Annie Sloan paint ready for this make over I will contact her as I do not want to spoil this table. x


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