Friday, 15 June 2012

Kitchen clear out

So my parents are visiting this weekend and I decided to have a good clear out, when ever I find a shelf i automatically fill it with mugs, jugs, jars, tins you name it. I get bored of looking at clutter I endlessly buy things because they look pretty or it was a bargain, but I think too much of a good thing doesn't always work "less is best" they say and I have to agree. Due to the lack of cupboard space in my kitchen it has overflowed onto the dresser. I have a neat collection of American groceries on the top shelf if I told you how much I paid for a box of Swiss-miss you would probably collapse. American food is becoming a big hit in the UK everywhere you go nowadays they are trying to exchange your right leg for a box of Lucky Charms. And yes I did cave in and burnt a hole in my pocket. So....... back to summer cleaning I kind of feel guilty but I ended up throwing out quite a lot of stuff, I should of taken it to the local charity shop but I really have not got the time this weekend. If Eason manages to get his hands on it I am sure will be broken anyway. I took some photos this evening hope you enjoy. I will be back on Monday with a table dilemma until then have a great Fathers day everyone.

My friend called this the radioactive teapot I had to agree

De cluttered shelf

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